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Young Innovators for Sustainability

Themes For a Sustainable Future

Preparing our youths for the future by investing in them in the knowledge, skills and dispositions to lead and influence.

With this theme our students aim at “Life Sources”, such as our oceans, the food chain and our climate in order to make a positive impact both locally and globally. They focus on innovation, coupled with scientific research skills, together with their peers and other partners.

Our students contribute to research on “Healthcare” challenges and share their projects as committed global citizens regardless of their nationality or culture. They work as a team with a shared purpose to fight the threats to global health and enhance community health where they are.

To be aware of race- and multicultural issues and to think about diversity and inclusivity, our students will work in cross-cultural teams in order to adopt a shared purpose and common framework to fight the dangers and threats to a sustainable society due to racism and extremism.

Our students will share ideas and take action within their sphere of influence where it comes to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger in line with the U.N. ‘Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)’ which seeks to halve the number of people living on less than US$ 1.25 per day by 2030.

Innovative technology in energy transition will have a huge impact on every citizen in the upcoming decades. Our students will focus on the environment, fight against pollution and plastics, preserve nature and the ecosystem and, through scientific research and inquiry, they hope to generate solutions in their local communities.